16 Summer Bible Verses

The summer is the perfect time to teach you kids bible verses!  It's a great season for kids to deepen their roots in the Lord.  They have lots of time to focus on God's word. You can incorperate these summer bible verses to your schedule and watch your kids bloom.

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7 Bible Verses About Self-Esteem for Tween & Teen Girls

Self-esteem is becoming an epidemic with tween and teen girls. 

As, parent's we can feel at a loss about how to help them. It can also, take a huge toll on their sleep.  Many young girls worry, stress and get anxious 

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10 Bible Verses About Salvation for Kids

Safe in His hands!  You can be secure in God's hand by His salvation through Jesus Christ.  These simple bible verses can be used to teach or remember yourself or your children just how great it is to be saved by King Jesus!

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12 Bible Verses to Break Free From Worry so You Can Sleep Better

Do you lay awake at night worrying about things in your life?  

Do you let your internal-worry-clock tic away half the night?

Scriptures about worrying can help you shut off your worry alarm, and help you get the sleep you need!

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Bible Verses About Confidence to Help Build Girls Up

Does low confidence effect your daughter self-esteem?

Use one of these bible verse about confidence to give them the encouragement they need. 

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12 Fear Bible Verses For Kids Who Are Afraid at Bedtime

Big kids can still struggle with fear at night time, too.  As a parent many times you feel helpless to help them.  Just telling your child not to be afraid most times is not enough.  

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11 Bible Verses About Faith for For When You Don't Feel Like You Have Any

Have faith in the Lord to keep you safe! You can rest in Him knowing that He will let you know when it's time to wake up.  He will not let your enemy run you over.

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Bible Verses About Forgivness

Finding forgiveness is healing to the heart.  And, giving forgiveness is refreshing to the soul.  Use these bible verses about forgiveness to find what it is you need.  

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10 Commandments for Kids 

The reality is that kids have many question about rules and why they need to follow them.

What a great opportunity to teach them about the Ten Commandments for kids, 

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Bible Verses About Anger for When Your Feeling Frustrated with Your Kids

We all struggle with angry feelings sometime, you are not alone! But, that doesn't mean you have to succumb to those feeling, and react in ways that you later regret.  You can overcome those feelings, and your reaction's with help from God's word.

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Comforting Bible Verses to Help Battle Anxiety

Wouldn't you love to be peaceful, warm, and very comfortable under the protection of a snow-white blanket? It's definitely, the ideal place to be at the end of a stressful day.   

No matter what your struggles are, kids not sleeping, to much to do and not enough time, stress at work, Jesus can help you.

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7 Bible Verses for When Your Kid Lies to You Faster Than You Can Say Sweet Apple Pie

Kids can say the sweetest of things, and the sourest of things. 

You never know what is going to come out of their darling little mouth's at any given time.  

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Bible Verses About Stress for Overwhelmed Mom's

Are you stressed out with daily life activities at bedtime, when your should be sleeping?  

Then you will want to read these simple bible verses about stress.  Let God's word wash your stress away!

Stop dwelling on things at night.

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List of Bible Books for Kids

Here is a simple list of bible books, made easy for kids to learn. All 66 books are categorized into small section making it easy for kids of all ages to understand.

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15 Friendship Bible Verses & How to Help Your Kids Choose Good Friends 

How many times have you watched your kids make bad choices in the friends they choses to make?  Choosing our friends wisely is biblical truth!  But, how do you do that if, you don't know what the bible says about friendship?

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8 Bible Verses About Honesty to Help Kids Stop Lying

Teaching your kids how to stop lying can be done with a positive approach by using bible verses that talk about honesty.  Showing your children how God desires us to be honest can inspire them to 

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19 Powerful Bible Verses About Anxiety to Help Girls Overcome It

Today girls are struggling with anxiety more now then ever before. It is no longer just a teen or adult problem.There are many side effect of anxiety in girls from effecting their self-esteem to effecting their quality of sleep. 

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10 Peaceful Sleep Bible Verses for Your Kids

Getting your kids to sleep is one of the most common health problems today for children.  

There is so much advise out there, but what is right for your family is not always write for the next. 

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Bible Verses About Gossip

Talking about other people is not very nice!  

Teaching our kids about not gossiping about people is very important!  And, I think the most, overlooked biblical character trait that we neglect to teach our kids is gossip and the damage it can do.

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Bible Verses About Prayer & How to Turn Them Into a Prayer Warrior

The sooner you start the better!

Start praying over your child's prayer life immediately.  It's never to early or to late to start.

You can pray that the Lord blesses your child's prayer life and that He put's a desire within

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Bible Verses About Appearance 

Are you to worried about your appearance, maybe on Sunday morning, you think you need to appear like you have it all together.  Or, maybe your just trying to get others to notice your new dress

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