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 biblical Ways to Promote Healthy Sleep Habits In Your Children?

I help Christian parent's with bible based and grace-infused sleep guides, tips, and strategies that nurture good sleep in children.

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Grace Parenting 

Dedicated to encouraging, educating and equipping Christian parents with faith-based tools to create peaceful sleep for their whole family. 

Are you dreaming of a good night sleep?

 In just minutes a night, your child can go to bed, fall asleep peacefully, and get the rest they need without all the overwhelm.  The Grace Parenting Bedtime Routine is the foundation for my entire approach and it will change your child's life. If you've tried everything to get your child to sleep, so many times, but feel like nothing works, try my routine.

Learn the Grace Parenting Bedtime Routine



A calm bedtime with none of the overwhelm and ALL of the support and resources you need

The Grace Parenting Bedtime Approach is your secret to finally getting your child to sleep easily... once and for all! Each week, I'll send you emails with my grace-infused sleep guides, tips and solutions so you know what to do and when. Turn your child's bedtime into a dream.



Grace-infused scriptures for your children to hear, read, and learn to create peaceful sleep

Your helpful list of peaceful sleep bible verse for you to use with your children at bedtime.


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Meet the Author 

Hi! I'm Nadine

I support Christian parents with how to create healthy sleep habits for their children. I coach tired, exhausted, and burnt-out mom's about grace-lead sleep strategies and how it can be the shinning light that helps their families thrive.

I am passionate about helping families get good sleep so they can do the things God has called them too.  I've done all the research for you so you don't have to.  Through it I have have created a grace-filled approach to bedtime that I would love to share with you.