Growth  Mindset

Find fun biblical activities that help to grow confident, joyful, and resilient children for the kingdom of God

Allow me to introduce you to a Christian 

Growth  Mindset

 Discover how you can help your children cultivate confidence, joy and resilience through focusing all things on Christ.

 Watch as your kids bloom with a fresh fragrance to the Lord.

What is a Christian
Growth  Mindset?

It encourages kids to have a fruitful sense of who they are in Christ, what they stand for as a Christian, and how they can walk out God's will in their lives.

Growth  Mindset...

World View 

~ The power of yourself

~ In the power of "yet" + self

~ Practicing self-help positive thinking

~ Uses positive mantras to inspire ones self

Biblical View

~  The power of the Holy Spirit  

~ In the power of "Yet" + but God

~ Practicing Holy Spirit inspired thinking

~ Uses scripture to inspire ones self

Having a growth mindset benefits the way kids

think, learn, and act!

About Me...

Hi, I'm Nadine.  

I'm so happy you are here!

I empower christian parents to help their children grow, bloom, and live fruitful lives with a Growth Mindsebased on a biblical worldview.

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