I'm so glad your here!!!

Here, you will find grace filled christian sleep help for your family even if, you think you have tried everything!

My name is Nadine, and I was once where you are!

Struggling to get my kids to sleep, stay in their own beds, and to sleep through the night.

As I looked for biblical help to deal with those pesky bedtime fears I found that there was not much help out there.  So, my husband and I had to figure it out with God's help!  

Now, I would love to help you and your family with your sleep problems, too.  

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My Passion...

Is to help christian parents teach their children how to get good sleep from a biblical perspective.

I Believe...

That all children can learn how to sleep well.  And, that evey family has unique sleep issues that can be resolved with God's help.

I'm Dedicated to...

Serving you, as you teach your children how to overcome their sleep issues with God's grace!

A Little of Me...

Fun Facts...

  • I'm the wife to an amazing husband of 21 years.
  • A homeschool mother to 3 wonderful kids.
  • I love cheese, chocolate, hats, & of course shoes. 
  • My most favourite things to do are writing, reading, and gardening.
  • I'm secretly a research geek!
  • I love leaning about history and how it relates to today.

My Most Favourite Bible Verse is...

You can do all things through Christ which stregthens you.

Philippians 4:13