Molding Clay Recipes

Here are some great molding clay recipes that the kids will love to help you make. Once it's made it will keep the kids busy for hours making all kinds of craft projects!

Basic Clay


2 cups baking soda

1 cup cornstarch

1 1/4 cups cold water


Mix baking soda and cornstarch in saucepan. Add water, stir to mix, then cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, 10 to 15 minutes. Don't overcook. Clay should have the consistency of mashed potatoes. Remove to a plate. Cover with a damp cloth to cool.

Three Ways to Dry Clay Art:

Air Dry: Set on a wire rack overnight.

Oven Dry: Preheat to 350F, turn off, then place finished object on a cooking sheet. Leave in until oven is cold.

Microwave Dry: Place objects on a paper towel, bake at medium power for 30 seconds, turn over, bake for another 30 seconds. Repeat until dry.

Salt Clay


1 cup salt

1 cup flour

1/2 cup water

1/4 cup cooking oil


Mix dry ingredients then gradually add liquids, mix well. Bake project at 300F for 1-2 hours or until dry.

Ornament Clay


1 cup salt

4 cups flour

1 1/2 cups warm water

1 tsp alum


Mix salt and flour together in bowl. Add water, then knead dough and roll out as you would cookie dough, cut with cookie cutters. Bake at 250F degrees for 30 minutes then turn over and bake for another 1hr 1/2 until hard and dry.

Bakers Clay


1 1/2 cups cold water

2 cups baking soda

1 cup cornstarch


Mix all ingredients. Stir until smooth. Cook the mixture over meduim heat until it reaches the consistency of dry mashed potatoes. Turn the clay onto a plate, covering with a damp cloth. When the clay is cool enough to handle, knead it on a surface covered with cornstarch until it is smooth. Store in a plastic bag. Air-dry projects.

Jewelry Clay


1/2 cup salt

3/4 cup flour

1 Tbsp warm water

1/2 cup cornstarch


Mix together the flour, cornstarch, salt. Add water gradually until the mixture can be kneaded to reduce stickiness. Air-dry jewelry.

Candy Clay


1/3 cup margarine

1/3 cup cornsyrup

1/2 Tbsp salt

1 pound box powdered sugar


Mix together and mold into shapes then eat! Can be stored up to a week if wrapped tightly.

Dryer Lint Clay


1 1/2 cups dryer lint

1/2 cup flour

1 cup water


Place the lint in a saucepan and cover it with the water. When the lint is saturated, add the flour and stir until smooth. Cook the mixture on low heat, stirring constantly, until it forms peaks and holds together. Pour it onto newspaper to cool. Air-dry for 3-5 days. DO NOT cook-dry in a stove due to the fire hazards!

Sand Clay


1 cup cornstarch

2 cups sifted sand

1 1/2 cups water


Mix all the ingredients together in an old pot. Cook over medium heat for 5-10 minutes, until the mixture leaves the sides of the pot. The sand may scratch the surface of the pot, so use a pot that you don't mind ruining. Cool the clay, knead and store. This is great for making pretend sand castles.

Tip For Molding Clay Recipes

Store clay up to 1 week.

Store clay in a bag for best results.

Add food coloring to water in recipe when coloring a whole batch the same color.

Add 2-3 drops of food coloring for each small ball of clay, knead in well.

Add sparkels for fun!

Lightly sand projects before painting.

Have fun using these molding clay recipes to make creative craft projects with your kids!

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