How to Create Your Kids Bedtime Routine
Make it Work

Kids thrive with a regular routine and a bedtime routine is not different.  You can easily set one up that you use every night, and it will cut out your kid's bedtime meltdowns.

How to create a bedtime routine

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Why your kids need a bedtime routine

Children love routine! Studies have shown that children with a regular bedtime routine have more of a sense of security.  A routine helps children of all ages feel more secure and builds confidence within their day to day life activities.  


  • You bonding time with your kids
  • Predictability by getting rid of the unknown  
  • Eliminates bedtime stress
  • Decreases the level of fear
  • Stops the feelings of anxiety
  • Cutes out the power struggle
  • Helps to prepare children for bigger challenges
  • Makes them feel like they have control, thus, less behaviours 

Having a regular bedtime routine gives kids the opportunity to be cooperative because they know what to expect.  With a routine you are setting them up for nightly success.  This is always a good thing!

Benefits to a bedtime routine

There are clear benefits for your children to have a bedtime.  Studies have concluded that kids with a regular bedtime routine have an advantage over children that don't.

  • Long term health benefits
  • Better school grades
  • Less behaviour problems
  • Increases coping skills
  • Getter sense of feeling safe and secure

Check it out: The Bedtime Planner - A Parent's Guide to Planning a Stress Free Child's Bedtime

What a bedtime routine teaches kids

Everyday, kids are learning so many things from, how to share toys, to spelling their name, to how to hit a baseball. When you  have no consistency surrounding your child's bedtime routine, you are steal away from them great learning opportunities. Here's what children, from all ages, can learn from having their own bedtime routine.

  • Helps to develop self-discipline
  • How to take care of their bodies
  • Developes a sense of mastery and accomplishment
  • How to succeed at self-control
  • How to control their environment in a good way
  • How to create good habit's
  • How to cooperate with others

Give your kids these great learning opportunities!

Sign's your kids bedtime isn't working

How do you know if your bedtime routine isn't working?  There are many things that could be going wrong with your routine, (if you have one) but, here are the most obvious ones:

1.  Fights: Regular bedtime battles (at least 3-4 times a week)

2.  Frustration:  If your kids become frustrated with you when you ask them to stop what they are doing and go to bed.  There is not predictability which leads to your kids getting frustrationed and angry when you randomly stop their playtime.

3.  Fear: Before fear can take hold, first comes worry, stress, and anxiety.  Children's brain's are not equipped to deal with these kind of emotions like we do. Look for any signs that might be causing worry, stress, or anxiety so you can eliminate or minimize them.

When you see either, fighting, frustration, or fear (or all three) associated with your child's bedtime then, it's time to evaluate your nighttime routine.

Need help with your child's beditme routine?

Get my Bedtime Planner to help guide you through creating an amazing bedtime routine for your child.  It's a simple step-by-step system to help you make a stress-free bedtime for your family!


How to fix your kids bedtime routine 

If you were a kid agin, how would you feel about your bedtime?  Think about how your kids feel about their bedtime.  Think about some of these things:

  • Why should they want to go to bed?
  • Why should they enjoy this part of their day?
  • How can you make it their favourite time of day?
  • How can you make it special every night? 

Don't think of it as, just a bedtime routine, but think of it as an amazing experience that you get to share with your child each, and every night until they have out grown their desire of it.

Trust me, as a mom with teenagers you need to enjoy every second you can! It flies by way, too fast!

Check it out: The Bedtime Planner - A Parent's Guide to Planning a Stress Free Child's Bedtime

Amazing nights with your kids

Having a regular and predictable bedtime routine for your children can change your whole families life.  You will be amazed at the difference it can make. If, you already have one, but are unconsistent  at keeping it, today is your day to get committed and tighten up those lose end.  Create your kids best bedtime experience today!

Check it out: The Bedtime Planner - A Parent's Guide to Planning a Stress Free Child's Bedtime

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