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Creative idea's for biblical living.  Fun, simple and frugal hands-on learning activities and crafts for kids of all ages. 

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Grace - A Higher Calling

I want to inspire parents to grow in their faith and pass-it-on!  

The knowledge of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit that you posses is priceless. Don't keep it to yourself but rather use it, share it, challenge it's truth, God can handle it!  Dedicate yourself to creating a home that is filled with life giving bread and water for your whole family. 

I encourage you to inspire your children to grow in the knowledge of God through fun activities and everyday life.  You can do it!

Yes, You Can Teach Your Kids!

Don't leave this very important job in the hands of your Sunday school teacher.  You can do it too!  It's not hard or complicated, you don't need some fancy program, you just need a bible and some fun idea's!

Get your kids from knowing the bible to living the bible.  God is The Great Creator of all things, look to Him to drop idea's into your spirit. Let Him lead you in the upbringing of your children.  You are their mommy and therefor know them best, you know what excites them. So use this gift to your advantage for the kingdom of Christ and to the benefits of you most precious children.  

If you get stuck for idea's check out Grace Parenting regularly for some tips.  I will also be sharing with you other websites that have great bible teaching idea's.  You know what they say, "It takes a village to raise a child!"  And their are lots of great sisters in Christ with a heart for children's ministry that we can all benefit from!

So please, check back often for new stuff!

This Is My Prayer For You

A Child's Garden Heart

I pray that you give all parents the desire, time, and strength to put on their garden clothes and to prepare their garden tools! Get them ready to do some hard, and sometimes dirty, but always fun work.

Let them enjoy the task of preparing and planting a garden in their child's heart. Teach them to pray with faith (Matt 21:22).  To see the pretty blossoms that they have planted, watered, and nurtured. Bless those that thank you O'Lord for your Son's face shining down on their child's heart garden, making it grow with Your special Holy Spirit fertilizer.  May all parents take the time to smell the wonderful fragrances from their child's garden and give You all the praise and glory O'Lord.



Highlighted Bible Verses

Direct your children onto the right path and when they are older, they will not leave it.

Proverbs 22:6

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