About Me


Welcome to my blog.  My name is Nadine, and I'm the author and publisher of Grace Parenting.com.

I want to help christian mom's go all in for Christ Jesus! My goal is to inspire you to finally make those changes that the Holy Spirit has been nudging you to do but, haven't quite been able to get dominion over yet.  Stick with me for motivation and actionable tips and tools that will help you walk out your calling with God's Grace!

4 Things About Me

  1. I'm the wife to an amazing husband.
  2. A homeschool mother to 3 wonderful kids.
  3. I love cheese, chocolate, and hats.
  4. My most favourite things to do are writing, reading, and napping.

My Content is About...

  • God's grace and love for busy mom's.
  • Daily life encouragement.
  • Creative tips and tools for christian parents.
  • Spiritual Warfare for busy mom's

My Goal is to...

Help you grow in the power and love of God's grace.  And, to encourage you that Jesus is crazy in love with you!

Even when you can't stop yelling at your kids, and your ready to knock some heads together if  you have to stop one more argument.  I wan't you to know, without a doubt, that Jesus can't stop himself from loving you!  He thinks your amazing!

If you consider yourself overwhelmed daily, and are a mom who wants to walk in victory then this blog is for you.

I typically post once a week.  To make sure you don't miss my newest post you can subscribe to my e-mail. It's quick and easy and you can unsubscribe at any time.

My Heart Speaks this...

I am madly in love with Jesus!

I am on a journey of love with Jesus. Daily, trying to be a servant to His will. (This is how I imagine my journey with Him, My Saviour, My King, My Everything.)

In my daily failures, I allow Him to pick me up, and wipe the dirt off my wedding gown. The one that I received as a gift from Him, because, of His deep and unending love for me.  

Then, I take his arm,

letting Him guide me,

step by step,

down the narrow wedding aisle

that leads to eternity with Him.

The path that my heart longs for and my Spirit's waiting for. The day that we can celebrate our wedding supper together, me, His beloved bride, and Him, my, beloved bridegroom.

I am praying that my Lord will count me worthy and beautiful in His sight.  That beneath His redeeming blood He will find me dressed in my wedding dress, adorned in precious gems, 

all gifts from Him.

I bow, righteously clothed, with a humble heart, before Him, my Kingon our wedding day.

I desire that when He looks at me, He recognizes some small sparkle of Himself. That through my journey here on earth, I have learned to listen to the Holy Spirit who teaches me how to be like Jesus. 

I lovingly submit myself to Him, and receive His clothing made for me out of His glorious riches. 

I walk in faith knowing that His love for me over powers and aliminates my past, all wrinkle, or signs of dirt (made here on earth).  He is the one that makes my wedding gown perfect.

I excitedly await for the day that I can cast my crown, yet another gift from Him, at the 

holy and righteous feet of My Beloved Jesus.

  • I have nothing to give Him except that whichHe has given me!
  • I am hoping my love for the King of Kings will rub off me, and be shared with others.  
  • I seek to walk in the grace that He has shown me. Falling constantly, but, forever being pick up by His everlasting arm. 

I am seeking to please Him: 

       not because I have to; 

       not because I want to earn anything; 



 He first loved me.  

By receiving His free love,  my heart was changed!  Allowing me to return His great love in the best way I know how. Through seeking Him, and following His ways.