Craft Recipe List

Find an easy and fun craft recipe to make for your kids! Enjoy every moment that you take out of your busy mommy schedule to create precious childhood memories.

We Serve A Creative God

He is The Great Creator and by cultivating and stirring up His creative nature within us we are acting out His creative nature. 

One of the many blessings of being a mother is watching our children's creativity.  Discovering what inspires their own creative thoughts and actions can fill a mothers heart with such abiding joy.  God has given us children and gradchildren to enjoy, and to teach then about Him.  Using the most child-friendly and fun ways possiable is always the most enjoyable way for children to learn.

By finding ways to use those moments to impart seeds of wisdom and Godly reflection can even make the blessing 2-fold for both mommy and child.  So start having some more fun, and creative activities with your children.  You will both be bless because of it.

Kids Craft Recipe List

4 Play Dough Recipes

8 Molding Clay Recipes 

12 Finger Paint Recipes

More coming soon

But I Don't Have the Gift of Creativity

Some of us have been given the gift of creativity and some of us are not so creative.  But, any one can look like a crafting expert by making a quick craft recipe from our list below.  There so easy, even the least creative person can easily make them.  Even 3 year olds, with mommies help of course.

Simple As 123

1.) All these craft recipes can be made with simple everyday products that you would normally have in your kitchen or are easy to find at your local grocery store.

2.) Make a creatively rich space fully of color, textures, pattern's and pictures and lots of good light.

3.) Have on hand supplies that can be used with multiple craft recipes like straws, popsicle sticks, stickers, scissors, markers, crayons and glue.

Little Fingers 

Let your kids help in the fun too!  If your kids are anything like my own they think half the fun is in making the recipe itself, not just playing and creating with the final product.  So if you have a few extra minutes,  let them participate in making the recipe too.  Don't worry about the mess, just enjoy having a great time with your children building memeoris.

Kids Love Surprises

What kid doesn't like surprises?  The look on their face, and their sound of delight when you surprise them with  an quick play craft will make the little extra effort worth it!  Taking a small amount of time out of your busy schedule to givein them a thoughtful surprise will teach them through your actions, what it's like to give kindness to others.

Above all  give God your thankfulness for your children and just have fun with them!

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