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Kids Bedtime Club 

A Monthly Membership 
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The Kids Bedtime Club is a membership designed to help you get your kids to bed with less bedtime battles!!

KBC is a monthly subscription created for exhausted and busy mom's.  It's designed make your child's bedtime routine go much smoother.  

What's Included in KBC

Each month you will receive, via emailed, everything you need to make your child's pre-bedtime routine a piece of cake.

What's Included:

  • A monthly kids activity calendar full of simple and easy to implement idea's.
  • A blank calendar so you can make your own schedule. 
  • Instructions for crafts, activities, games and play idea's.
  • Craft supply list (most are supplies you already have at home).
  • Craft Recipes for projects (i.e. play dough).
  • Printable's.
  • Questions you can ask your children about their pre-bedtime fun.
  • And More

With membership to Kids Bedtime Club you will have access to simple and quick, step-by-step instructions so, that you don't have to think after an exhausting day!

What Kind of Activities

Activities are created for ages 2-6yrs old to promote wind-down time to create a positive bedtime experience. All activities are easy and simple to put together in less that 5 minutes with products you already have on hand. The Kids Bedtime Club is to make your life easier not, add more mess or stress!!

Activities Include:

  • Play Based Activities
  • STEM Activities
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Fine & Gross Motor Skills Activities
  • Sensory Play
  • Learning Activities (i.e. colors, bible stories, abc)
  • And More

Why Pre-Bedtime Activities

Studies have proven that no screen time, up to an hour or two before bed, can drastically improve your sleep, no matter what age you are!  With KBC you will have tons of idea's at your fingertips to keep you children busy with pre-bedtime activities, that don't include screen time!

Your kids won't even know that they are winding down, and relaxing their little bodies and brain's to prepare for sleep.  They will be having so much fun with quite-time activities, and spending quality connection time with you that, when you say, "It's bedtime" they will be much more eager to make you happy, and listen without the power struggles.


your kids actually going to bed without

world war three!!

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