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Tools and resources to help your newborn, toddlers, preschoolers and children sleep better.  Some of the links on this page are affiliate's but that does not sway my option in any way.  If you purchase through one of these links I will get a small commission that I use to fund this website.  Thank you for your support if you choose to purchase through any of my links! :)

Kids Sleep Training Course

This online sleep training course by Kim West [The Sleep Lady] is great for tired mom's of toddlers and young kids.  Kim teaches a gentle approach to sleep training  and she also provide sleep coaching if you need it.  I highly recommend this online course if your Littles are not sleeping well!

Wake Up

Green Mean's Go

This adorable little light changes color  to green when it's ok for kids to get out of bed.  It teaches kids to stay in bed longer, so you can get a better sleep. No more 5:00a.m. wake up calls for you!

Sleeping Sheep

The cutest kids wake up clock!  The eyes on the sheep are open when it's time to be awake and they are closed when it's sleep time.  What a simple way to teach children when it's time to wake up or to  sleep

Red Light, Green Light

Elmo uses a spin off of a classic game. Green to get up and red to stay in bed. This clock is great for kids who like a little bit more light in their room while they sleep. 


Then Check Out The Sleep Lady's Online Course or get a Sleep Consultant Package

What other tools, resources, or sleep problems can I help you with?