Religious Easter Crafts for Kids

Religious Easter Crafts for Kids

Check out these simple Christ-centred religious Easter crafts that your kids to make this year!    

Religious Easter Crafts

Jesus Tissue Papper CrossJesus Paper Tissue Cross

Jesus Cross

Make It Cut out a large cross shape from a cereal box.   Write the word Jesus where you would like it.  Then cut both white and red tissue paper into 2x2 pieces of paper. Next, roll the red tissue balls first and glue them onto the word Jesus.  Lastly, roll your white tissue into balls and glue them onto the rest of the cross.

Flower Bible Verse Egg

Flower Bible Verse Egg

Make It: Cut out an Easter egg shape from a cereal box.  Then place flowers on your egg to create the design you would like. Next, poke holes in your egg where you want your flowers to go.  Fasten flowers with scrapbooking brads onto your egg shape.  Then write a bible verse on the back.

Easter Bunny Prayer JarEaster Bunny Prayer Jar

Easter Bunny Prayer Jar

Make It: Wash and dry your peanut butter jar, then paint it with acrylic paint. It will need a couple of coats.  Then let the paint dry completely.  Add your Easter Bunny Sticker. Fill your prayer jar with slips of papers with names of people you would like to prayer for.

Easter Sticker CrossEaster Sticker Cross

Easter Sticker Cross

Make It: Cut out a cross shape from a cereal box.  Then randomly add stickers to your cross, filling in all the space. Make sure that you don't stick the same color of sticker beside each other.  Mini size stickers work best for this project.

Tissue Paper Cross EggTissue Paper Cross Egg

Egg Cross

Make It:  Cut out an egg shape from a cereal box.  Then, draw a cross in the center of the egg. Next  cut tissue paper into 1x1 pieces.  Roll tissue squares, then glue them onto your cross.  Lastly, fill in around the cross with a contrasting color of tissue balls. 

Easter Butterfly

Easter Butterfly

Make It: Cut out one egg cup from the egg carton.  Then paint the whole egg carton your favorite color and let it dry. Next, use pipe cleaners to form your wings and tentacles. Then add your favorite beads, and glue on your googly eyes and button nose.

Easter Chick Prayer BoxEaster Chick Prayer Box

Easter Chick Prayer Box

Make It:  Wash and dry a plastic salad container.  Then paint it with your favorite color.  Add a Easter chick sticker.  Then fill with eggs that hold names of people you want to prayer for.  Let your kids choose an egg at prayer time.

Bible Verse EggBible Verse Egg

Bible Verse Egg

Make It Cut out an Easter egg shape from a cereal box.  Then randomly add stickers to your egg, filling in all the spaces.  Lastly write a bible verse on the back.

Easter Egg Prayer JarEaster Egg Prayer Jar

Easter Egg Prayer Jar

Make It:  Cut paper to the size of your jar and glue it on.  Then, glue on yellow pom-poms around the top and bottom of your jar.  Add a plastic Easter egg and more pom-poms to the lid of your jar.  Then decorate with your favorite Easter sticker.  Fill with eggs with prayer prompts inside.  Leave on the dinner table and include at prayer time.

Easter Egg Carton LiliesEaster Egg Carton Lilies

Easter Lilies

Make It: Cut out egg carton cups into lily shapes.  Then paint them a soft yellow color.  Poke a hole into the bottom of the flow then insert your pipe cleaner.  Twist the ends of your pipe cleaner to form the center of your lily.

Easter Prayer BasketEaster Prayer Basket

Easter Prayer Basket

Make It: Draw a line around the milk jug where you want to cut it.  Once your cut it, paint it.  Cut a hole on each side of your milk jug for your basket handles.  Twist 2 pipe cleaners together for your handle.  Then insert the pipe cleaner into your previously 2 cut holes. Lastly, decorate your basket.  Add sheets of paper with the people you want to pray for inside you basket.  Then, use each night before bed.