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The Lioness Mom's Pride For Christ, Issue #002
January 02, 2017

Hey, it's Nadine here,

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

I just wanted to give you some quick tips for a powerful and productive year!

I have 4 questions that you can ask yourself to help you plan your in 2017 year.

1 - What do I spend the majority of my time doing?

Document everything that you do throughout your day and you will discover your time waister area.

2 - What is my black hole?

What are the distractions that you choose to engage in when your trying to avoid doing something else? We all have them! Mine is reading, I love to read novels when I'm feeling stressed out. I just read 2 over the holidays. I really need to learn how to shine some light down my black hole. What about you?

3 - What are the top priorities in each area of you?

List the top 3 for each and then create simple actionable steps that you can take to complete them everyday.

Pay close attention to what are good idea's and what are the best idea's. Don't get sucked into those good idea's, wait for the best!

4 - Evaluate if you are saying yes to things God hasn't meant for you to do?


Is what your planning to do going to help you grow in the calling that the Lord has upon your life?

Hope you find these questions useful when you think about what it is you want to accomplish this year!



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