Fall Crafts

Fun Fall Christian Craft Idea's for Kids

Fall in love with these kids crafts for fall!  Get creative with your kids with one of these simple craft projects.

Fall Prayer JarFall Prayer Jar

Fall Prayer Jar

Make It: Wash and dry your jar. Paint your jar orange. Then decorate it with artificial leaves and star gem stone.  Lastly, write the names of the people you want to pray for on small pieces of paper and put them into your jar. Then pray for someone new each day.

Fall Rainbow TurkeyFall Rainbow Turkey

Rainbow Pumpkin

Make It: Soak your shish kabob sticks in water for about five minutes.  Then slide your licorice on. Next, poke each end of your shish kabob sticks into your mini pumpkin. Lastly, cut small pieces of licorice to make your turkey face with toothpicks. 

Fall Prayer CansFall Prayer Cans

Fall Prayer Cans

Make It:  Wash and dry out containers.  Mix 2 parts paint with 1 part white glue and paint containers and lids then let dry.  Color pumpkin labels. Write on one pumpkin "Prayers To God" and write on the other "Answered Prayers".  Then, add your labels, fill with prayer requests and wait and see how God answers your prayers!

Fall Double PumpkinFall Double Pumpkin

Double Pumkin

Make It: Wash and clean pomegranate juice container and dry completely.  Mix 2 parts paint with 1 part white glue to make the paint stick to the container.  Then paint as desired.  Let paint dry.  Then use a black marker to write God Bless. Next, twist  and curl 3 pipe-cleaner's to create your pumpkin stem. 

Fall Pom-pom crossFall Pom-Pom Cross

Fall Cross

Make It: Glue popsicle sticks together to create a cross shape.   Let the glue dry.  Next, glue on pom-pom's to your cross in an alternating pattern.  Let dry before moving.

Maple Cookie Craft

Maple Cookie Craft

Make It:  Slide shish kabob sticks into maple leaf cookies.  Then dip the cookies into melted white chocolate chips.  Put on wax paper and into the fridge for a few minutes to dry.  Then try not to eat all of them at one time!!