Easy St. Patrick's Day Craft Ideas for Kids 

St. Patrick's Day Crafts

Let your kids go green with joy making on of these St. Patrick's Day crafts.  And, look to the sky for God's rainbow or enjoy making your own!

St. Patrick's Day Crafts

St. Patricks Day Rainbow CaterpillarRainbow Caterpillar

Rainbow Caterpillar

Cut your egg carton into caterpillar shape then paint and let dry.  Poke two holes in the top of the caterpillar's head and put in two  pipe cleaners to create your tentacles and add beads. Then glue on your googly eyes, nose and mouth.

St. Patricks Day Rainbow AngelSt. Patricks Day Rainbow Angel

St. Patrick's Day Angel

Cut out angel shape and wings from one plate.  Then, use your pencil to lightly make your rainbow lines on your angel.  Next, color your angel with markers in rainbow colors.  Then, curve the  angel and glue at the back to secure the shape.  Lastly, glue the wings onto the back of the angel.

St. Patricks Day Rainbow FrameSt. Patricks Day Rainbow Frame

St. Patrick's Day Scripture Frame

Place hearts in a style that you like onto a wooden picture frame.  Then glue each heart onto the wood picture frame.   Write your favorite bible verse on a paper and display inside the picture frame.

St.Patricks Day Rainbow SignSt. Patricks Day Rainbow Sign

Rainbow Sign

Paint two popsicle stick white and one each color of the rainbow.  Put your painted popsicle sticks in a rainbow line, laying them on top of your two white popsicle sticks.  Once your happy with your sign's shape, start gluing popsicle sticks on. Then let dry. Lastly, use a black marker to write on your sign.

St. Patricks Day Rainbow CrossRainbow Cross

St. Patrick's Day Cross

Fold a pipe cleaner in half and cut.  Place 1 red bead in the center while making your cross shape out of your two pieces of  pipe cleaner.  Then, continue to add your beads in rainbow order.  Lastly, fold the ends to keep your beads on your cross.

Tell me what your plan's are for your kids this St. Patrick's Day.