Christmas Crafts

Easy Christian Christmas Craft Idea's for Kids

Make one of these easy christian Christmas crafts with your kids this holiday season!

 Kids Christmas Crafts

Christmas SnowflakeChristmas Snowflake

Christmas Snowflake

Make It: Glue popsicle sticks together and let dry. Then paint your snowflake green. Let paint dry. Next, decorate your snowflake with  gem stones in a style that you like.  

Christmas Star AngelChristmas Star Angel

Christmas Star Angel

Make It: Cut out Angel shape and wings from one plate, curve angel and glue at the back.  Place star stickers on your angels skirt, hands, and then around the head to create a halo.  Then, use a black marker to draw arms on your angel.  Lastly, glue on the wings.

Christmsa Tree Bead CrossChristmas Tree Bead Cross

Christmas Tree Cross

Make It: Fold pipe cleaner in half and cut it.    Start with a star bead at the top of one piece of pipe cleaner. Then fold over a small piece of pipe cleaner on the end to keep the star bead on.   Add alternating red and green beads.  Take another piece of cut pipe cleaner, fold it in half then twist it around the straight pipe cleaner to form a cross.  Continue to slide beads on, then fold end over.

Christmas Star

Easy Christmas Star

Make It:  Glue 3 popsicle sticks together to form a triangle, do the same with another 3 sticks.  Then paint the 2 triangles. Once dry, glue them together to form a star shape.  Then, glue a bead on each point of your star, add some glitter glue to add a sparkly effect.

Christmas Jesus CrossJesus Cross

Jesus Cross

Make It Cut out a large cross shape from a cereal box.   Write the word Jesus where you would like it.  Then cut both white and red tissue paper into 2x2 pieces of paper. Next, roll the red tissue balls first and glue them onto the word Jesus.  Lastly, roll your white tissue into balls and glue them onto the rest of the cross.

Christmas pompom starChristmas Pompom Star

Christmas Star

Make It:  Glue 3 popsicle sticks together to form a triangle, (make two triangles)  Then glue the triangles together to form a star. Then let the star dry.  Lastly glue on yellow pom-pom's and let dry. 

Christmas Angel Wing BookmarkChristmas Angel Wing Bookmark

Angle Wings Bible Marker

Make It:  Draw and cut out 2 angel wings from white foam.  Then, glue a white paper clip onto the front of one of your angel wings.  Next, glue  the other angel wing over the top to secure the white paper clip inside.  Lastly, glue on a gem stone.

Christmas Red CrossChristmas Red Cross

Christmas Cross

Make It: Fold the pipe cleaner in half and cut it.  Then twist them together to form a cross shape.  Next just add your beads.  Lastly, fold over all ends of your cross.

Christmas Snowflake

Christmas Snowflake

Make It:  Paint all your popsicle sticks white. Then glue them all together making a snowflake shape.  Glue white beads on wear ever you want. Next add spots of glitter glue to your snowflake to add a sparkly effect.