Cross Crafts

Simple Bead Cross Craft

This pretty beaded red cross is very simple to make in about 15 minutes. Kids will love to play with beads and pipe cleaners, and for the younger kids it will help with their hand-eye coordination. Doing this craft gives parents a great opportunity to talk with their children about the blood of Jesus or how Jesus died on the cross for our sins.


  • 2 Red Pipe Cleaners
  • 38 Red Beads
  • 1 Red Center Bead
  • Scissors

Directions For Red Bead Cross Craft

Step 1: Fold the pipe cleaner in half and cut it.

Step 2: Place 8 beads on one piece of pipe cleaner.

Step 3: Fold over a small piece of pipe cleaner on the end to keep the beads on.

Step 4:Take your other piece of cut pipe cleaner, add your center bead to it, fold it in half with the center bead remaining in the middle.

Step 5: Then twist it around the straight pipe cleaner with the 8 beads on it.

Step 6: Straighten out the two sides to form a cross shape.

Step 7: Slide on your remaining beads and bend over each end to keep beads on the cross.


  • Check all folded ends for sharp edges.
  • Use a red pipe cleaner for a darker red effect.