Angel Crafts For Kids

Angel Crafts for Kids

Looking for some adorable heavenly angel crafts for your kids?  Then check out these little angelic projects!

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Angel Crafts 

Red Winged Angel

Red Winged Angel

Make It: Glue 2 large foam hearts onto the back of a popsicle stick, creating wings.  Then glue three medium sized foam hearts onto the popsicle stick and 1 small heart on top of them to create the clothing. Next, glue on eyes some wool hair.  Lastly use a felt marker to draw a smile and texture the wings.

Frilly Skirt Angel

Frilly Angel

Make It:  Cut out Angel shape and wings from one plate and the skirt ruffles from another plate.  Then glue the ruffles in layers.  Lastly, glue the wings to the back.

Star Plate Angel

Star Angel

Make It: Cut out Angel shape and wings from one plate, curve angel and glue at the back.  Place star stickers on your angels skirt, hands, and then around the head to create a halo.  Then, use a black marker to draw arms on your angel.  Lastly, glue on the wings.

Simple Plate Angel

Simple Plate Angel

Make It: Cut out angel shape and wings from one plate, curve your angel and glue at the back.  Then, cut a 2 inch piece of gold pipe cleaner and form it into a halo shape then tape it onto the back of your angel.  Lastly, glue the wings onto the back.

Popsicle Stick Angel

Tiny Angel

Make It: Fold a gold pipe cleaner in half and cute it. Then make a halo on one end, attach it to the popsicle stick by wrapping the other end around the middle of the popsicle stick.  Then, glue on some white wool for the hair and use markers to draw a face on your angel.  Lastly, cut out some white foam angel wings and glue them onto the back of the popsicle stick.

Rainbow Angel

Rainbow Angel

Make It: Cut out angel shape and wings from one plate.  Then, use your pencil to lightly make your rainbow lines on your angel.  Next, color your angel with markers in rainbow colors.  Then, curve the  angel and glue at the back to secure the shape.  Lastly, glue the wings onto the back of the angel.

Foam Angel Bookmarker

Angel Bible Bookmark

Make It:  Draw and cut out 2 angel wings from white foam.  Then, glue a white paper clip onto the front of one of your angel wings.  Next, glue  the other angel wing over the top to secure the white paper clip inside.  Lastly, glue on a gem stone.