Summer Crafts

12 Summer Easy Craft Idea's for Kids

Want to give your kids a break from the hot sun or are you looking for an activities to fill the long summer days?  Then, check out these summer kids crafts. Easy crafts that busy homeschool mom's can do with their children.

 Summer Crafts

Egg Carton ButterflyEgg Carton Butterfly

Egg Carton Butterfly

Make It: Cut out one egg cup from the egg carton.  Then paint the whole egg carton your favorite color and let it dry. Next, use pipe cleaners to form your wings and tentacles. Then add your favorite beads, and glue on your googly eyes and button nose.

Rainbow Egg Carton CaterpillarRainbow Egg Carton Caterpillar

Rainbow Caterpillar

Make It: Cut your egg carton into caterpillar shape then paint and let dry.  Poke two holes in the top of the caterpillar's head and put in two  pipe cleaners to create your tentacles and add beads. Then glue on your googly eyes, nose and mouth.

Egg Carton SnapdragonEgg Carton Snapdragon

Egg Carton Snapdragon

Make It:  Cut out the egg carton cups and shape them evenly to look like circle flowers then paint and let dry.  Poke holes in the bottom of your egg cups.  Cut 2 green pipe cleaners into 3 pieces so you'll have 6 pieces when your done.  Push a cute pipe cleaner piece through the holes you make in each egg cup.  Then twist the end of your pipe cleaner around a full size pipe cleaner, copy this action over again until you have attached all of your egg cups to the full sized pipe cleaner.

Simple Spider

Make it:  Paint egg carton.  Cut and add pipe cleaner  legs and mouth.  Glue on eye and nose.

Milk Jug Flower PotMilk Jug Flower Pot

Milk Jug Flower Pot

Make It:  Wash and dry a 4L milk jug.  Then draw a line around your milk jug and cut it to make your flower pot.  Paint your pot green and let dry.  Next decorate your flower pot with rainbow colored brads. 

Rainbow Paper Plate AngelRainbow Paper Plate Angel

 Paper Plate Angel

Make It: Cut out angel shape and wings from one plate.  Then, use your pencil to lightly make your rainbow lines on your angel.  Next, color your angel with markers in rainbow colors.  Then, curve the  angel and glue at the back to secure the shape.  Lastly, glue the wings onto the back of your angel.

Pink Popsicle Stick CrossPink Popsicle Stick Cross

Pink Flower Cross

Make It: Glue popsicle sticks together to form a cross, let dry.  Then paint the cross pink, let dry.  After arrange flower beads in a design you like then glue each one on.  

Purple Flower BookmarkPurple Flower Bookmark

Flower Bible Bookmark

Make It: Layer purple flowers in a design that you like. Then put your brad through the first three flowers, do not fold the back of the brad yet! Next, place the large purple paper clip onto the back of the flowers already on the brad.  Add your last, and largest, flower behind the paper clip on the brad, then fold Lastly, cut wool to a length that you like. After tie it onto your paper clip.

Rainbow Popsicle Stick SignRainbow Popsicle Stick Sign

God is Good Sign

Make It: Paint two popsicle stick white and one each color of the rainbow.  Put your painted popsicle sticks in a rainbow line, laying them on top of your two white popsicle sticks.  Once your happy with your sign's shape, start gluing popsicle sticks on. Then let dry. Lastly, use a black marker to write on your sign.

Rainbow CrossRainbow Cross

Rainbow Cross

Make It:  Fold a pipe cleaner in half and cut.  Place 1 red bead in the center while making your cross shape out of your two pieces of  pipe cleaner.  Then, continue to add your beads in rainbow order.  Lastly, fold the ends to keep your beads on your cross.

Ladybug Prayer JarLadybug Prayer Jar

Ladybug Prayer Jar

Make It:  Cut and glue scrapbooking paper to fit your jar.  Then decorate with ribbon and flowers.  Cut out small tags small enough to fight into your jar from your leftover scrapbooking papers.  Write a subject or a person's name that your child want's to pray for on a tag.  Put into jar, and use at prayer time.

Simple Ladybug

Make it:  Cut egg carton to size.  Paint red, let dry, use black marker for spots, glue on eyes and nose.  Poke in pipe cleaners and add a bead to each tentacle.

Summer Bible Verse

  • Both day and night belong to you; you made the starlight and the sun. You  set the boundaries of the earth, and you made the summer and winter.

Psalm 75:16-17

  • But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again.  It becomes a fresh bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.

John 4:14