How to Increase Your Blog Traffic With Irresistible Headlines

How to Increase Blog Traffic With Irresistible Headlines

What blogger doesn't want to increase their traffic?  The more the better right? 

The real question is do you want more traffic or, do you want the right kind of traffic?  

So, how do you do that?  Well, by drawing in your ideal client with a scrumtious headline.

A great headline is like dangling an irresistible carrot in front of your potential sweet bunny.  With the right carrot you will get them hopping on your link to see if your carrot can deliver on it's promise.  So, you had better make sure it's worth their effort to take a hop over to your site!  You must make a good first impression or, they will hop away, maybe never to return.  Here are some things you should be doing to build the know, like, trust factor.

  • Use an appealing web design that is attractive to your sweet bunnies.
  • Make sure you have quality content that is valuable (a.k.a the golden carrot) and can solve their problem.
  • Insure that your little bunnies know clearly what it is that you have to offer.  
  • Make sure your website navigation is not confusing.  You don't want your little bunnies to get lost down a hole.
  • Be clear on how your visiting bunny can hop onto your amazing email list for more juicy carrots that they can chew on.

5 Types of Amazing Headlines You Can Use

1.) Attention Grabbing Headlines

The first thing that you have to do is grab your audiences attention.  Use strong words that will capture your audiences attention

"5 Desserts that are calorie free and you'll love to eat"

"Why your drinking water could be killing you"

"What you need to know about your cell phone"

These headline would grab use strong words like calorie free, killing you, what you need to know,  for the right audience these words would be to irresistible not to click on.  Who wouldn't click on the promise of calorie free food that you would love to eat, too?  I know I would be hoping on that link as fast as, I could!

Relatable Headlines

2.) Relatable Headlines

Does your headline yell, "I understand what you are going through" or "I've been there before and this is how I overcame this problem."  Here are some examples:

"10 Things I did to get my newborn to sleep"

All new mom's can relate to this topic.

"The best way to toilet train your kid when buying princess panties doesn't work"

Who hasn't tried the old trick of buying "big girl panties" to toilet train your kid?  That might have worked when I was a kid but, it sure didn't work for my kids. Neither did the fancy sticker chart, nor the singing potty,  I had to bribe my kids with 3 smarties for every pee in the potty.

I know bribery is bad.

But, when your a desperate mom, and all you the other little kids your kid's age are potty trained, you do what ever it takes to get the job done!

Now back to great headlines, you can see how these headlines are very relatable to mom's going through one of these problems.

3.) Emotional Headlines

People respond to emotional connections.  When you can get to the heart of their emotions with a topic then you can begin to build a bond.  Leaning to do this kind of headline is very helpful to increasing your know, like, trust factor.  Which is the rabbit trail that leads to increased sales.  Let's look at a couple of examples.

"20 Bible verses that will change your prayer life"

This creates an emotional feeling of hope that inspires a reader to what to read this article.  They want to see if these bible verses could really change their prayer life.

"How to master your chocolate addiction once and for all"

This builds an emotional feeling of control and the promise of empowerment.  This arrow hits directly at the target with the promise of overcoming once and for all, the hope of freedom from addiction.  To break free from the chains of chocolate's sweet temptation.   Please, somebody right this article for me!!

Emotional Headlines

4.) Very Specific Headlines

The more specific your headline is the better chance you have of getting the desired click.  The key is to narrow down your headline as if you were talking to just one person. 

"The best pancake recipe"

This is pretty general and highly competitive.  The chances of getting a high page ranking with this is very slim.

"The best pancake recipe for mom's short on time"

This is getting better.

"The best green St. Patrick's Day pancake recipe for mom's short on time"

But, this headline is very specific and for who it is and for what reason.  Yes, it's a seasonal headline but, it can get a lot of click's during that season.  However, it gives you an idea about how specific you should be getting with your headlines.

5.)  Headlines That Raise Curiosity 

Creating a headline that peeks your readers curiosity is a great way to write a headline that is high converting.  Like these ones below:

"What I did to limit my kids screen time and how they responded"

Wouldn't you want to know their kids reaction and what tips you could learn from this?  I know I sure would.  If somebody has a post about this please, let me know.

"The biggest mistake I made with my money and how you can stop it too!"

Wouldn't you want to know if your making the same mistake? 

How to Create Your Own Amazing Headlines

A great headline is like a key that opens the door for your next dream client to come in and check out what you have to offer.  You need to do this right.  Here are a few tips to help you.

1.)  Create a working headline before you start your blog post to help keep you focused on the direction of your post.

2.) Make a list of 15-25 headlines.  Pop them into Coschedule's free headline analyzer tool to test how good it is.  Then choose the best one.

3.) Test them to see how effective they are.

Growing Your Garden of Delicious Headlines

Headlines take practise to get great at.   And, I'm the first to admit that I'm still working on my technique.  

However, I believe that with the right amount of persistence and hard work it's possible to create a delicious garden of great headlines and scrumptious articles full of useful advise that can help your reader's with their problem.

When you have created irresistible headlines that are to tempting for your desired bunnies to hop by without taking a glance, maybe a sniff, or two, then you will have raving bunny fans.  Sweet bunny fans that keep coming back to your garden for more carrots to eat. But, you must deliver great carrots to eat!

So, keep working on your headline technique.  The most important thing you have to know is who are the bunnies you are trying to attract.  

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