How to Write Fish Tales That Increase Your Sales

How to write fish tales that increase your sales.  Step-by-step guide to increase your copywriting.

Stories are the most powerful hook you have in your sales fishing box!  Yes, a picture can say a thousand words, but are they the right words?  

What if, I posted  a picture of my family at the beach.  Would you not wonder, what beach I was at, what I was doing there, who where my family members in the photo, how old  my kids were, and the list could go on.  I could be showing the most beautiful beach with an amazing sunset, but what about the rest of the story?

A picture can only deliver part of the story of your business brand.  It is an important part but, it's words that bring clarity.  Images are used to empower your words.  It's words that can give the whole story when used strategically.

The right words crafted into an intriguing story is what builds an emotional connection for a customer with your brand.  And, building an emotional connection with your customer is worth it's wait in gold.  By sharing your treasure box of stories you will build the know, like, trust factor and increase your sales!  

6 Storytelling Bait Tips for Your Fishing Box

1.)  Sound like a human (not a drowning fish)

Most people don't enjoy reading the dictionary for fun, so don't write like one.  In today's world more now then ever people are looking to be entertained.  So, show your personality let them see you quirks, allow them to see the real you.  This is definitely not an area where you want to fake it until you make it.  Just be you!

2.)  Always start with a great hook (preferably not one you just pulled off your hat)

Most of us are little fish in the big pond of the internet world.   Attracting an audience is going to require some very compelling bait!  It must be so tempting as to lure them in to read the next sentence, then the next, and the next.  

3.)  Make your story relatable (are you trying to catch fresh water fish or salt water)

Don't tell a story that doesn't hit the hearts of your core audience or you will just be attracting misquotes that like to bite and take your free stuff.  Chances of converting them to a customer is minimal and it will only take up the time you could be giving to create stuff for your adoring fans.

4.)  Be Specific with your story (do you want a grey dolphin or a pink dolphin)

I'm sure you have heard before how important it is to niche down.   Your story stories  are no different. They should be niched down, too.  Remind yourself that you are not trying to catch a whale, but rather a adoring gold fish.  Keep your stories specific to what your audience would like to hear.

5.)  Make your story easy to recall (man inside the belly of a whale, now, that's easy to remember)

Don't make your stories long winded and hard to remember the detail.  People don't have time to read them and statics say people just read the headline most to the time anyway.  So be short and clear with your stories.

6.) It's not about you (oh, the dreaded clown fish, always trying to be the centre of attention)

You might be the best shark wrangler around, but no one really want's to hear about it.  Alright maybe once, but that's it!   Less is more.  Besides, if I have a question I'll ask you about it.

Fisherman tales

It takes time for a fisherman to find the right fishing hole, at the right spot, and  with the right bait.  So, don't give up, just keep trying until you catch your fish!

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